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In 1775 the primary action was in the north.  In 1776, major activity centered around New York and New Jersey, with significant exceptions in North and South Carolina, and the first American amphibious assault in the CaribbeanThe principal theater of operations in 1777 (John Adams' "year of the hangman") and through 1778 remained in the northeast in New York and Philadelphia, with action related to the "Forage Wars" in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and action on the then-frontier.  1779 marked the end of any significant activity in the northeast, and by 1780 the main engagements shifted to the SouthIn 1781, the failed efforts and costly victories of Cornwallis in the Carolinas forced him to Virginia, where he met his fate at Yorktown.  I feature two incidents in 1782, including what some consider the last land engagement of the war in which an American died.  Each link below takes you to a page about the battle, with images, brief explanation, and occasional links or bibliographic information.  For other commentary, see my blog, Traveling the Revolution.  Given that there were at least 3,000 battles and skirmishes, not every engagement is included.  The images are an effort to interpret what happened in the particular place; not every place has every possible aspect photographed.  Every image is my own.

    The battles are arranged by year, with introductory text.  Click on the year to review the battles of that time; you can return to this page by clicking on Revolutionary War home page.

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